Sun-Togs is an early pioneer in the development of the market for UV protective clothing. We are a family business established over five years ago with it’s center of operations in Peterborough, United Kingdom. Sun-Togs is now a major retailer of UV clothing with satisfied customers from all over the world. Our new operation in the USA promises to better serve and expand the rapidly growing demand across the Atlantic in North America.

Sun-Togs was established and continues to be focused on providing our customers with an increasing range of attractive, high quality sun protective clothing and related products to families, especially those with young children.

Here at Sun-Togs we take pride in our product knowledge and levels of service. We are continually working to provide you our customers with useful and attractive products, good value for money, and a quick and easy way to order. You will note that we have just updated our web site and we hope that you will find it’s new features and functionality useful and easy to use.

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